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Was Your Baby Born With a Birth Injury?

Every mother-to-be prays for a healthy and happy baby, but, unfortunately, a significant number of pregnancies result in birth injuries to the newborn. Even more unfortunately, most of these birth injuries are avoidable because they are caused by improper medical treatment during the pregnancy and/or the delivery. Sadly, many times the mother and family suspect that there might have been medical malfeasance during the pregnancy or birth process, but never follow through on their suspicions. There is a nagging and continual feeling that something went wrong. The hospital and the doctors often turn a blind eye to the situation and blame it on “natural causes,” but a mother’s intuition is undeniable. If you believe your child experienced a birth injury due to medical mistreatment, Brooklyn birth injury attorney Jay S. Knispel can help you get to the truth of this grievous situation. If there was medical mistreatment, you may be entitled to monetary damages to compensate you for your suffering and for medical bills and to help you to pay for your child’s treatments and special needs during his or her life. There is never a charge for our legal services and you pay nothing unless we win your case for you.

Why Birth Injuries May Occur – Brachial Plexus

Doctors, medical professionals, midwives, and other delivery specialists are given extensive training and are taught never to pull on the baby’s head to force it out of the birth canal.  Brachial plexus birth injuries are a result of pulling on the baby’s head, even though it is positioned in such a manner that its shoulder is stuck in the birth canal. The pulling actually tears and damages the nerves in the spine, often causing lifelong debilitating injuries to the child. Do you suspect that your baby’s doctor caused an injury to your baby during the delivery process? Often times the mother’s pregnancy was normal and there were no problems whatsoever, yet the doctor and hospital simply blame their gross errors on “nature” to avoid taking responsibility. Bronx birth injury lawyer Jay S. Knispel can help you if you were lied to or not given all the information by the doctor and hospital. Our office will retrieve all medical records of the pregnancy and birth and, with our medical experts, review them page-by-page to discover what actually happened. If there was a cover-up or negligence, you are entitled to know and are entitled to compensatory damages for your pain and suffering and for your baby’s past and future medical needs, and more.  There is never a fee unless we win your case.

Sensitive, Caring, Attentive Attorney Services

A birth injury is devastating, affecting not only the newborn, but the entire family. Daily routines will never be the same. The child will have special needs and it will require you and your family’s absolute attention – and usually, large sums of money. While you may think it is too late to do something to help yourselves, it is not. You can contact Brooklyn birth injury lawyer Jay S. Knispel’s office, where we will:

  • Listen carefully to your experiences
  • Treat you with the dignity that you deserve
  • Offer you our compassion and kindness
  • Always return your phone calls
  • Keep you apprised of the progress of the case
  • Never charge you a fee unless we win the case

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