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Category: Construction Accidents | Work Injuires

Brooklyn building collapse crushes worker to death

Posted in Construction Accidents | Work Injuires on September 14, 2012

Construction Accident Kills Worker – Hundreds of millions of years ago, human beings were first erecting structures where they would live and raise their families. While the beginning of the construction industry had a rocky start, the world has benefited greatly from the advances. No matter how safe materials, training, and guidelines make construction sites,… read more

Mechanic Avoids Jail Time for Role in Crane Collapse

Posted in Construction Accidents | Work Injuires,Crane Collapse on September 7, 2012

In August of this year, construction mechanic, Tibor Varganyi, was able to avoid a 15 year prison sentence for his part in the 2008 East 91st Street construction crane accident by testifying against his former employer, James Lomma. On May 30th 2008, a construction crane collapsed into the street, but not after demolishing part of… read more

Bushwick construction accident forces out residents

Posted in Construction Accidents | Work Injuires,Worksite Accidents on August 23, 2012

Two separate apartment buildings were evacuated in the Bushwick area of Brooklyn. The two four-story buildings were evacuated after large cracks began to form in the exterior brick walls. One tenant, Matt Brogan, an architectural consultant, became alarmed after he noticed 1 to 1.5 inch gaps forming between the exposed brick wall and interior wall… read more

NY roofing accident results in a fatality

Posted in Construction Accidents | Work Injuires,Roofing Accidents on June 17, 2012

Commentary Regarding Roofing Accidents in NYC — Construction Accident results In Tragedy Believe it or not, the construction industry is starting to see a recovery on the East Coast thanks to many homeowners looking to sell but needing to remodel first.  One of the most popular forms of remodeling and upgrading is repairing or replacing… read more

Manhattan Crane Accident Kills One Worker And Injures Others

Posted in Construction Accidents | Work Injuires,Worksite Accidents on April 5, 2012

One construction worker was killed and another was injured when a crane collapsed at a construction site in Manhattan.  The accident occurred where the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is extending the 7 subway line.  Two pieces of the boom, a 80-foot piece and a 40-foot piece, came apart and fell to the ground.  Michael Simermeyer, 30,… read more

Construction Worker Falls From Throgs Neck Bridge

Posted in Construction Accidents | Work Injuires on March 30, 2012

A construction worker fell while working on the Throgs Neck bridge early this morning.  The Coast Guard was alerted at 8:05 a.m.  Rescue crews were searching the area for the man who has been identified as John Massas of New Jersey.  Massas was an employee of Nuco Painting Corporation, a sub-contractor hired by the Metropolitan… read more

Manhattan Building Collapse Kills One Worker and Injures Two

Posted in Construction Accidents | Work Injuires,Premises Liability on March 23, 2012

A building being demolished in Manhattan collapsed killing one construction worker  and injuring two others.  The building is located on 130th Street near Broadway.  It is owned by Columbia University and was being demolished to make way for the school’s expansion.  Construction workers cut a structural beam which caused the building to collapse, trapping the… read more

Construction worker suffers serious injury in NYC

Posted in Construction Accidents | Work Injuires,Serious Injuries on February 29, 2012

On Tuesday, March 29, 2011, a New York City construction worker suffered a fifteen foot fall which resulted in substantial injuries and hospitalization. The construction worker, whose identity has yet to be released, was working on the new building for the CUNY’s Advanced Science Research Center in Harlem. Apparently he was working high up, when… read more

Tips For Preventing Construction Injuries

Posted in Construction Accidents | Work Injuires,Wrongful death on December 6, 2011

What are the most common construction site or workplace injuries?  Falls and equipment failures are the causes of most workplace injuries. Its important to be safety minded at all times to help prevent serious injuries from happening to you. Below are seven (7) important tips that will help minimize a construction site injuries and falls: Request… read more

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